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Journalism Class Expectations

Attendance – It is very difficult to produce a great yearbook if you are not here to work on your pages.  This is not an independent class; your daily performance affects the lives of everyone else in the room and everyone expecting a great yearbook.  Be here and carry your own weight!

Positive Attitude – If everyone keeps a positive attitude and is willing to lend a helping hand then our life will go much smoother for the next five months.  Yearbook is incredibly stressful at times.  Be aware of your stress and how it affects the way you interact with your peers.

Classroom Management – As a student of Southeast Halifax High School you are responsible for knowing and following all policies in the handbook.  I should know where you are at any given moment.  You must have a pass and you must sign out.  I expect mature behavior.  When you are in the halls, other teachers’ classrooms, selling ads, or running sales tables you are a representative of the entire staff and your actions reflect each of us.

Be a Good Steward – Please do not be wasteful with supplies.  Be respectful of school property.  Pick up after yourself everyday before you leave!

Respect Every Role, Big or Small – Respect the leadership roles of your peers.  If the editor asks you to complete a task, you should do so.  The editor was chosen because of his dedication and leadership.  Editors have experience and know what needs to be completed to have a successful yearbook.  Your willingness and cooperation to finish tasks completely and correctly will reflect on your daily grade.

Confidentiality – Part of the allure and excitement surrounding the arrival of the yearbook is surprise.  DO NOT RUIN IT FOR EVERYONE.  Themes, ideas, and cover designs that are discussed in our class stay within closed doors.  

Deadline Policy – It is a simple fact of life; the real world revolves around deadlines.  Yearbook is a real world class.  Lifetouch assigns the yearbook staff deadlines and the advisor and editors establish mini deadlines so the company’s are met.  Not meeting deadlines results in the company assigning late charges or possible delaying the shipment of the book.  FAILURE TO MEET DEADLINES WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.

Grading:  Students will be assessed on meeting deadlines, selling ads, and the quality of work produced including layout design, writing copy and cropping photos.  Students’ grades will also be greatly assessed by their work ethic.

Do Now’s, Vocabulary, Assessments, Layout/Deadlines, Ad’s, Work Ethic/Daily

Layouts/Deadlines – Completion of all assigned layouts by the deadline date. This includes any editing and proofing corrections. A page is considered finished when it is added to the ship list as complete.  It’s your responsibility until this point. Don’t throw something together just to get it done.  Make sure there are no errors, especially spelling.

Ads/Fundraising – You will be expected to sell a certain amount of ads for the yearbook.  NO ADS, NO YEARBOOK!

Work Ethic/Daily - Work neatly; organize your things; clean up after yourself; stay on task; use your time wisely; do what you are asked; maintain a positive attitude; don’t tell anyone about the work we’re doing; making sure teacher knows where you are at all times; helping others correct page.

Daily Routine: *Students are expected to be on time ready to begin class.  When the bell rings, class begins! Wandering around the classroom, running into the class at the sound of the bell will be considered late. *Students are required to bring a pencil, pen, notebook each day.  Students should immediately begin the Do Now on a daily basis.

*The teacher dismisses the class, not the bell.  Students remain in their seats until dismissed.  *Students are expected to check absentee folder for course documents/handout if they are absent.  *Students are expected to be on task at ALL TIMES.  


Supplies Needed

Below are a list of supplies each student will need for class

3 ring binder (running portfolio) 2 pens (any color)

2 #2 pencils Paper

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